Byway Spotlights

Welcome to Byway Spotlights! Here we hope to shine a spotlight on several businesses and organizations along the Byway that help make our Byway communities such a special place to live and visit. Be sure to read on to learn more about what our Byway communities have to offer!

Henniker House Bed & Breakfast 

Henniker House Bed & Breakfast is a victorian farmhouse situated directly on the Contoocook River. Built in 1859, the building has passed through several hands, serving as a birthing hospital in the 1920’s and 30’s and a rooming house for New England College after WWII. Following this, the house served as a private home and a day-care in the barn until it was converted into a Bed & Breakfast. Today, the Bed & Breakfast boasts 5 guest rooms and includes a solarium, parlor, deck overlooking the Contookcook River, and is located just around the corner from Main Street shops and restaurants as well as New England College. Innkeepers Alison and Ray are an absolute delight and we encourage all visitors to check out Henniker House Bed & Breakfast next time you’re traveling the Byway!

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Salisbury Fire and Rescue Department

The Salisbury Fire and Rescue Department is an all-volunteer Fire, Rescue & EMS agency located in Salisbury, New Hampshire. With about 20 volunteers on their roster, these dedicated volunteers serve Salisbury residents while also providing mutual aid to neighboring communities when needed. Day or night, these volunteers give their time to help those in need. Thank you for all for what you do as a first responder! We are so proud to be part of a community with volunteers such as these!

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